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6 Self-Publishing Missteps You Should Avoid

Welcome British author and blogger Terry Tyler! She’s here to point out self-publishing missteps she’s made. Can you relate? Firstly I’d like to thank Molly for inviting me to guest on her blog. I’m writing about my self-publishing regrets, as when I first started I hadn’t got a clue what I was doing! I’d like […]

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Self-Publishing: DIY or Hire Help?

Are you discouraged by industry experts who insist that self-published authors have to hire pros to prepare a self-published book? I read a lot of material directed at indie authors. Much of the content is written as guidance for new and wannabe writers, and how best to go about the process. Whatever the self-publishing-related subject, […]

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How Self-Published Authors Can Improve Our Industry

I asked a group of well-known thought leaders to weigh in regarding what indie authors could do to improve the self-publishing industry. The question I posed was, “What can self-published authors do as individuals that will ultimately improve the process or reputation of the industry in a way that benefits us all? Specifically, what skill […]

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