About Molly Greene

Molly.Headshot_OptimizedI’ve been a real estate agent, a marketing manager and freelance writer and editor in the mortgage industry, and a renovation maven with a major addiction to houses, the more rundown and decrepit the better. I’ve owned several, each one more horrible than the last, all of them beautiful when passed on to the next owner. I hail from San Diego and now live in the mountains of Southern California with my dog, Frank, a reading habit, a writing thing, and a blog that all micro-manage my time.

I write the Gen Delacourt Mystery Series, which includes Mark of the Loon, The Last Fairytale, Paint Me Gone, A Thousand Tombs, Swindle Town, Lock the Cellar Door, Midnight at Half Moon Bay, and Memory of Hours (working title – out soon!). They are available as ebooks on Amazon. For news about promotions and new releases, join my Reader’s Club.

I blog about indie author issues, what I’ve learned during the self-publishing process, and a bit about my life. If you enjoy the articles, subscribe! That way you’ll never miss my weekly posts. It’s easy. Just enter your email address in the form to the right. I promise not to share your contact information with anyone!

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