What’s An RSS Feed & How Do I Find It?

This post explains how to locate your RSS feed URL to synch your blog with your various author accounts.

Examples of Website URLs
My website URL is http//: www. molly-greene.com. My blog is part of my website, so the basic URL for both are the same. Some authors may have started blogs on Blogger or free WordPress, and simply “forwarded” or re-directed the URL to their stand-alone, self-hosted website once it was created. Now that we’ve reviewed Website URL 101, we’ll move on.

How to Find an RSS Feed on a Website
The Mozilla Foundation designed the RSS icon and gave the public permission to use it freely. An RSS is completely different from your blog or website URL. This article explains it beautifully: What is RSS?

Firefox and Internet Explorer (version 7 or newer) display the RSS button on the upper right side of the tab bar, next to the home page button. If a webpage has an RSS feed, the icon will be orange. If a website does not have an RSS feed, the normally orange icon will be gray. When you click on the orange icon, you should be taken to the website’s RSS feed site. The URL should be displayed in your browser’s address bar upper left.

Here’s a Step-by-Step to Locate a Website’s RSS Feed:

• Go to the website
• Click on the blog (if applicable)
• Click on the orange RSS feed tool in your IE or Firefox tool bar
• The RSS fee URL will appear in your browser’s address box upper left
• Copy and save it for future reference

Note: The RSS icon is not visible by default in IE. ALSO, at this writing Google Chrome doesn’t have an RSS icon on pages that support RSS (like Firefox and IE) because the engineers didn’t think enough people used RSS. There’s a fix, though, you have to add an extension. Google it to find out.

Another no-brainer way to grab the RSS URL from a blog: If the “admin” widget has been enabled, you will see a sequence something like this, usually toward the bottom of the page:

• Site Admin
• Log out
• Entries RSS
• Comments RSS

Click on “Entries RSS.” You’ll be taken to the RSS feed, and you can copy and paste the URL address in the browser window. Ready to practice? Okay. Look upper right in your browser menu bar. See the tiny orange RSS icon? Click on it, and you will be taken to my RSS feed. Your browser will display the (URL) address.

As I said in the opening graph of this post, you’ll need your RSS feed’s URL to synch your blog with your Goodreads, Amazon’s Author Central, and Triberr accounts. Now you know how!

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