8 Life Lessons Gleaned From The Internet

by Molly Greene I’ve spent an enormous amount of time online in my quest to become a successful self-published author. A naïve newbie at first, now I feel like a somewhat jaded, slightly-more-experienced version of my newly hatched online self. And of course, I’ve learned a LOT … 1. People may not “get” your digital […]

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Don’t Let Anybody Should On You!

Take charge of your life and your writing by Debbie A. McClure We all do it. We allow others to make decisions for us, or are heavily influenced by other people’s opinions on everything from what we should do for our life career, what we should eat, where we should live, even what we should […]

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Feedly: Keep Up With Industry News!

“Feedly: organize, read and share what matters.” A while back I published an article titled The Best Websites For Self-Published Authors. As I said in that post, one effective way to stay up to date with what’s happening in the publishing world is to tune in to what successful authors and service providers are discussing […]

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Increase Blog Traffic & Subscribers: 8 Tips!

by Molly Greene A reader recently asked for ideas that would help increase blog traffic. Growing traffic is one thing, of course; convincing visitors to stay, and to subscribe and/or return, is closely aligned with every blog-building effort. You need both! Here are a few ideas. 1. Beef up your Twitter followers I’ve often said […]

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6 Tips For Effective Online Book Promotion

By Laura Fredericks, founder and CEO of Describli As an author, you already know how to share your story in your books. But are you just as effective at sharing your story when it comes to online book promotion? Sadly, for most writers, the answer is no. Promoting your business can feel like intruding, and […]

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How To Stage A Comeback: An Update

by Benjamin Wallace, Professional Author A couple of months ago Molly let me share with you my plans on staging a comeback as an author. Now, I’m back to share what updates I can just to see how full of it I was. First let’s look at what I did in each phase: Phase One: […]

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Authors: 50 Fabulous Ways To Kickstart Publicity

by Linda White Publicity is a confusing area for many authors. The bottom line with publicity is that there is usually minimal cost (just the price of printed items you are distributing), but there is also minimal control of how the story you put out there is handled. You can’t tell an editor how to […]

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