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The School of Don

I recently flew to Colorado to join friends for a long weekend in Denver. It was the first time I’d spent more than one night away from home in three years, and I had traveler’s remorse for leaving so much undone to take this spontaneous trip. I got over it once we arrived at our little cabin […]

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Dance in the Rain

I relocated to the Southern Cali mountains in June, 1999. That summer our community saw a lot of rain – and thank goodness it did, because I’d rented a miniscule, 500-square-foot cabin without air conditioning and trust me, my friends, it gets hot here. That change of residence was the end result of planning started a […]

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Self-Pubbed AND Traditional? An Interview With Author Pam Beason

Pam Beason recently left a lovely comment on my blog. I thanked her and asked a few questions, and she was smart and lovely and generous with her responses. I visited her website  to learn more and downloaded a sample of The Only Witness, about a signing gorilla who witnesses a kidnapping. Witness caught my attention […]

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One Writer’s Garden

Today the tops of half a dozen cucumber seedlings in my garden disappeared. Snapped up by a marauding ground squirrel, no doubt. The dog would love to trap the trespassers but refuses to sit outside alone, preferring my company to the satisfaction of killing the raiders. Frank would be a serial murderer if I were able to sit […]

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Test by fire

I live in the mountains fifty miles east of San Diego, at an elevation of about 4,000 feet. People are often surprised to learn it snows here in Southern California – not a lot, and not as heavily as twenty years ago – but we’ve had a couple of good storms over the years, and […]

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The Power of a Memory

I grew up in San Diego, California, on a cul-de-sac in an older part of the city. Suburban houses rim the finger canyons throughout this Navy town. Ours was one of thousands, but we kids were a lucky few, growing up in a time that wasn’t nearly as jaded as the world, and parents, must […]

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