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How To Use Twitter Lists To Grow Your Blog

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: In my opinion, Twitter is hands-down the best blog-building tool out there, and every blogger should use it. Yes, it means you have to learn a new “thing,” and it’s best to create and follow a strategy to ease the learning curve and maximize your efforts. […]

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5 Simple Steps To A Super Blogatude

I published my first blog post on a brand new, free WordPress site early in 2011, and although I moved to a self-hosted site a year later, I’ve published new content consistently since that first post. Does it get old? Oh, yeah. Blogging requires a time commitment. Did I get discouraged early on? YES! When […]

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5 Ways Blogging Sells Books

Many of you don’t believe it’s true, that blogging can sell books and further your career. And you’re right, in the sense that blog posts should not be used as a direct-sale tactic for most authors. But I’m here to argue that a well-written, consistently updated blog can help novelists make sales. How? Blogging makes […]

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Drive Traffic To Your Website And Keep It!

There’s no way around it, businesses and individuals who want to make an impact on the Internet must have a website. And if you’re an author or blogger who needs to bring the world to your doorstep, that means you. You need a website to establish an online presence, attract visitors, provide those visitors with […]

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Don’t Make Your Blogging Hat Your Marketing Hat

Welcome freelance writer Michelle Peterman with a post about blogging and marketing! As a writer, you probably think of your various roles within some kind of metaphor or narrative framework. (It’s okay. We all do it.) I’ll use the hat metaphor, even though it’s a bit cliché and your personal metaphor is probably much more […]

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Sharing Is Critical To Your Blog’s Success

We were taught early on that the ability to share is an admirable social skill. Actually, the real message was that if we didn’t share, we got in trouble. Now that we’re adults (at least on some level), the lesson still applies. If you’re not actively promoting your blog by sharing each post, it will […]

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Bloggers: Do You Call Readers To Action?

I’m pleased to welcome author and blogger Victoria Grefer, here to share how to effectively use a “call to action” to leverage your blog! Bloggers are always seeking two things: to generate traffic to their blogs, and then to generate further action once people have gone there. That might be an e-book purchase. It might […]

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