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Getting Things Done: The Art of Workflow Management

We live in an age where more timesaving devices are available than ever before, yet many of us still feel overwhelmed by the mountain of tasks we face daily. We have too much to do and too little time to accomplish it all. It’s a challenge to remain focused amid all the distractions of our […]

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Classic Books On The Craft Of Writing

When we consider the definition of a “classic book,” most often we get a mental picture of our favorite works of fiction and the authors who wrote them. Yet as a writer, my most dog-eared print books are volumes on the craft of writing. Some I’ve owned since the 1990s, and they’ve been boxed up, […]

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What’s On A Writer’s 2013 Bucket List?

Last year I asked a group of talented, generous writers to share the top three things they wanted to achieve in 2012. I’ve decided to make this post a New Year’s tradition, so I invited several authors to share their 2013 plans. Once again, my friends and I have writing goals – but we’re also […]

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Self-Published Authors: How To Choose An Editor

I invited self-published author and professional editor Tammy Salyer to explain the nuances of editors and proofreaders, and what indie authors should expect from each. Here’s what she has to say: As a writer who has taken months, sometimes years, to complete a manuscript, the most important post-completion step every one of us should consider […]

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New Classic Reads: The Winter Sea

I bought a book last week on Amazon. Two books, actually, both paperbacks by the same author. Not an earth shattering event in most reader’s households, but unprecedented in mine. I buy mostly ebooks or borrow from the library and tend to forget a story soon after “The End.” Because of this I own few […]

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Mailchimp: Ten Reasons it’s the Best Program for Authors Since Twitter

I’m so pleased to welcome friend, therapist and author Toby Neal to my blog! I invited Toby to write this post as soon as I saw her gorgeous email newsletter. Best to hear all about it from a pro – here’s the scoop: Mailchimp is the best program since Twitter for authors. In my minibook on […]

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Book Contests Part 2: If You Don’t Enter You Can’t Win!

I recently published a guest post written by my friend Linda Rodriguez, winner of the 2011 Malice Domestic Award for best first mystery novel. (Book Contests Part 1: Why Malice Pays Off.) Linda’s story is the perfect example of the exciting benefits of winning a writing contest. Winners may receive a contract with a traditional publisher (without […]

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