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Book Marketing: The Basics

by Molly Greene, @mollygreene Today I’m sharing the five-pronged book marketing blueprint I established to get my Gen Delacourt Mysteries back in the game after time away from writing, marketing, and self-publishing. It’s not rocket science. I just went back to basics, forming my re-entry strategy around a simple five point plan: 1) consistent paid […]

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Say Hi to Bookbot Bob!

by Molly Greene, @mollygreene Staying on the radar via book promotion is a never-ending author task, while readers are always searching for new titles to enjoy. And, because the quality and success of various promo venues rise and fall, we’re ALL on the lookout for the latest trend, exciting places where both groups can meet. […]

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5 Lessons Learned Between Books 7 & 8

by Molly Greene, @mollygreene As I’ve written previously, my life was nutso crazy pants for nearly a year, starting early 2016 when I kicked off a concentrated push to get my former home ready for sale (the crazy part). The property was listed by early June 2016, an offer came in within a month, then […]

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What’s New On Your Marketing List?

by Molly Greene, @mollygreene Self-published authors are constantly on the lookout for effective ways to market their books and increase sales, and I’m no exception. Sadly, though, my 2016 marketing plan went off the rails and I fell short of my goals. But with the start of a new year, I’ve returned with a vengeance. […]

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How To Beat Ebook Pirate Sites

by Kathryn Miller Goldman, Esq, @KathrynGoldman Hardly a day goes without me hearing from a writer that one of their books is showing up on a pirate site within days of the book having been published on Amazon or some other legitimate platform. It’s uncanny how fast it happens, and I bet it has happened […]

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Going Wide: Bye Bye, Amazon Select

by Molly Greene @mollygreene Leaving Amazon’s KDP Select program was not an easy decision for me. I absolutely loved the ease of being in Select and having all my titles in Kindle Unlimited. I didn’t mind being exclusive. My participation in Select made scheduling promos a breeze, KU borrowers paid a significant chunk of change, […]

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Create A Simple Single-Author Boxed Set

by Molly Greene, @mollygreene I recently put together a quick boxed set of the first three books in my Gen Delacourt Mystery Series, then went on to build box sets for the rest of my titles. Why do it? More product Go wide with singles OR sets and stay in KU with one or the […]

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