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Alison DeLuca: Authors Make Their Own Success

Alison DeLuca is one of the absolute gems I’ve had the great good fortunate to hang out with on Twitter. I’ve never met her in person, but I can tell you this: Alison is an upbeat, always-pleasant-super-combination Mom, writer, and Space Mountain enthusiast. She loves haiku, her family, and her work. She’s a blogging queen, turning […]

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Indie Author Terri Long: On Writing and Book Marketing

Terri Long’s In Leah’s Wake is in my Kindle right now, and it’s a very good read. Well-written, poignant, relatable. If I were a Mom, I’d be Leah’s – Zoe is busy, compassionate but a tad distant, and in denial. More tuned in to her clients’ issues than her own family’s. Already deep into the […]

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