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Book Marketing: The Basics

by Molly Greene, @mollygreene Today I’m sharing the five-pronged book marketing blueprint I established to get my Gen Delacourt Mysteries back in the game after time away from writing, marketing, and self-publishing. It’s not rocket science. I just went back to basics, forming my re-entry strategy around a simple five point plan: 1) consistent paid […]

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Say Hi to Bookbot Bob!

by Molly Greene, @mollygreene Staying on the radar via book promotion is a never-ending author task, while readers are always searching for new titles to enjoy. And, because the quality and success of various promo venues rise and fall, we’re ALL on the lookout for the latest trend, exciting places where both groups can meet. […]

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5 Lessons Learned Between Books 7 & 8

by Molly Greene, @mollygreene As I’ve written previously, my life was nutso crazy pants for nearly a year, starting early 2016 when I kicked off a concentrated push to get my former home ready for sale (the crazy part). The property was listed by early June 2016, an offer came in within a month, then […]

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What’s New On Your Marketing List?

by Molly Greene, @mollygreene Self-published authors are constantly on the lookout for effective ways to market their books and increase sales, and I’m no exception. Sadly, though, my 2016 marketing plan went off the rails and I fell short of my goals. But with the start of a new year, I’ve returned with a vengeance. […]

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5 Author Networking Tips – And Why You Should!

by Barb Drozdowich I hear this type of comment frequently from my clients: “I have great content on my blog, but no one reads my posts!” As Canadian Blogger John Chow says, “… many authors think blogging is like the movie, Field of Dreams. If you build it, they will come. You can build it, […]

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Author Newsletters – A Spy’s Report

by Virginia King, Mystery Author @selkiemoonbooks Building an email list is regarded as the Holy Grail of book marketing. You can: Keep fans engaged with ARCs, freebies, giveaways, and updates Tantalise fans between books with sneak peeks, witty blog posts, and quizzes Build buzz around new releases with pre-orders and social shares, while a ‘street […]

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Schedule Bulk Messages With Hootsuite

by Molly Greene, @mollygreene Over the years, I’ve used several different WordPress plugins to auto-tweet my blog’s past posts, eventually discarding each because the developer stopped updating the software. The most recent was Evergreen Post Retweeter, which I disabled the minute a Good Samaritan tweeted me that my entire repertoire of old posts had been […]

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