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Timeless tips that changed my writing for the better

I mentioned in a previous post that I had the pleasure and good fortune to work with freelance book editor Laurie Rosin on my first novel. I saved every letter because her advice was – and is – timeless. Once I grasped and implemented her suggestions, my writing improved enormously. I still review the dog-eared […]

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Life’s Most Awesome Moments: My List & Why I Need It

I confessed to being a List Person in my last post and promised an actual accounting of one of my favorite lists: The Most Awesome Moments of My Life. And because there are no coincidences, it just happened to work out that I needed it desperately today. After complaining to Twitter friends about my alarming […]

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I am Molly Greene, and I am a writer

The journey is the reward: How I made bad writing the basis of a great life Backstory:  I wrote a Really Bad Novel (RBN) in 1997. Not that I thought it was awful at the time – like many novice scribes, I was sure I was on to something big. So I crafted a query letter (better […]

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