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How To Load Ebooks Onto A Kindle Or iPad

I remember the first time someone gave me an ebook. I’d agreed to beta-read the manuscript, but when it came time to transfer the file from my computer to my e-reader, I was lost. I had to Google it to find the answer! Now that I’m a published author, I load files onto my Kindle […]

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Vetting Your Editor

This article was written by Jessica Swift Eldridge and originally published on Naomi Blackburn’s wonderful website, The Author CEO. Editing is an important element of our craft and our process, and if we get it wrong and choose an inexperienced or unqualified person, our books and our careers can suffer. The ladies gave me permission […]

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Grammarly: The New Sheriff Of Grammar Town

Welcome Nikolas Baron of Grammarly, here to share the highlights of a grammar program designed to help writers create their best work and show how to check plagiarism! Not so long ago, spellcheckers were the only grammar police in town. As you typed in your word processing program, the spellchecker was there to watch for […]

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101 Fabulous Plot Resources For Novelists

Many authors find it challenging to generate great new plotlines book after book, especially when trying to write two or three full-length novels every year. Not there yet? Chances are you will be someday. So, if you’re not one of those people whose heads burst with fantastic tales and you just can’t write them down […]

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Writer: Feed Your Dream!

This post was written by writer Kathy Lynn Hall. Enjoy! Don’t be deceived by the fairytale visions of your writing dream. It is not sweet, nor patient, nor kind. It demands attention and care … or it WILL die. Think of it as a plant; not a bit akin to that droopy houseplant you’ve ignored […]

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Book Contests Part 2: If You Don’t Enter You Can’t Win!

I recently published a guest post written by my friend Linda Rodriguez, winner of the 2011 Malice Domestic Award for best first mystery novel. (Book Contests Part 1: Why Malice Pays Off.) Linda’s story is the perfect example of the exciting benefits of winning a writing contest. Winners may receive a contract with a traditional publisher (without […]

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What’s On A Writer’s 2012 Bucket List?

I asked a group of talented, generous writers to share with me the top three things they wanted to achieve in 2012. It’s no surprise that like myself, my friends want to publish – and write! We also want to learn, to grow, to spread our wings, to feel joy. To find clarity, to be present. And fun! […]

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