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Writer: Feed Your Dream!

This post was written by writer Kathy Lynn Hall. Enjoy! Don’t be deceived by the fairytale visions of your writing dream. It is not sweet, nor patient, nor kind. It demands attention and care … or it WILL die. Think of it as a plant; not a bit akin to that droopy houseplant you’ve ignored […]

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1-2-3 Great Automated Twitter Support Tools

I just love it when I log into Twitter and right in the feed find the perfect tweet to retweet (RT) on the spot. But RTing isn’t typically that simple. I usually have to go hunting! The truth is, the busier we get and the more followers we acquire, the more difficult it is to […]

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Home is Where the Heart is Open

Hello all! My talented friend Laura Zera allows us glimpses of her rich travel life through articles, blog posts and her book, Tro-Tros and Potholes. If you missed her last guest post on my blog, HootSuite & TweetDeck Highlights, link here after you read this wonderful story about her stint on an Israeli kibbutz. Enjoy! […]

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The Best Editing Tip Ever #1 – Key Line Layout

I’m a novice self-publishing author, tackling something new almost every day. It’s a tough road, and one I share with many writers traveling a similar path. The tasks that fall to us – writing, editing, working with cover artists, researching ebook formatting and print edition options, putting up websites, blogging, tweeting, posting on Facebook – can […]

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Create Your Own Newsletter With Paper.li

I am honored to share a guest post today written by author and blogger Paul Dorset. With over 55,000 followers, Paul is a successful Twitter marketer worth watching. It’s always nice to get your tweets re-tweeted by someone else, isn’t it? It’s also nice when other people @message you. It makes you feel special. But […]

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The School of Don

I recently flew to Colorado to join friends for a long weekend in Denver. It was the first time I’d spent more than one night away from home in three years, and I had traveler’s remorse for leaving so much undone to take this spontaneous trip. I got over it once we arrived at our little cabin […]

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