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15 Easy Ways To Increase Your Twitter Engagement

Twitter is a fabulous platform-building tool, when you do it right. And by now, everybody knows that “doing it right” means getting involved in a positive way with your tweeps. Twitter is not a good place for wallflowers, ranters, or the mean-spirited, but it’s the perfect venue for real, sincere conversation. If your one-on-one engagement […]

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1-2-3 Great Automated Twitter Support Tools

I just love it when I log into Twitter and right in the feed find the perfect tweet to retweet (RT) on the spot. But RTing isn’t typically that simple. I usually have to go hunting! The truth is, the busier we get and the more followers we acquire, the more difficult it is to […]

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Create Your Own Newsletter With Paper.li

I am honored to share a guest post today written by author and blogger Paul Dorset. With over 55,000 followers, Paul is a successful Twitter marketer worth watching. It’s always nice to get your tweets re-tweeted by someone else, isn’t it? It’s also nice when other people @message you. It makes you feel special. But […]

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0 – 4000 in a Snap! How to Build a Quality Twitter Following FAST

If you’re an author (or anyone else!) learning the social media ropes, your goal is probably to build alliances, draw readership to your blog and/or grow interest in your book. The pros tell us creating a twitter following is one of the best ways to drive blog traffic, and, hopefully, gain respect. So here you are. You have […]

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So Many Writers, So Little Time

Since my Twitter obsession began I’ve followed many writers. That was my goal. To connect, to learn about other people’s creative process, discover the sites they were using, where they were selling (ebooks? print copies?) and how they were marketing themselves and their books. I wanted to find out what was working. What I absolutely […]

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Tweets Rock!

Backstory: I created a Twitter account in 2010 but didn’t use it until early 2011. Back then I wasn’t much of a social media fan, although I designated 2011 as my year to get familiar with the phenomenon. I have Facebook and LinkdIn pages but rarely visited or updated them. Therefore, I was the LAST person who should be overheard saying […]

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