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Ah, Decisions! FREE WordPress Blog or Self-Hosted Website?

Promo people and industry experts everywhere are advising clients – and anyone who will listen – that starting a blog can do wonders to promote a business. So whether you’re a real estate agent or an author (or both!), no doubt blogging is on your must-do list for this year. I started my original, free […]

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So Many Writers, So Little Time

Since my Twitter obsession began I’ve followed many writers. That was my goal. To connect, to learn about other people’s creative process, discover the sites they were using, where they were selling (ebooks? print copies?) and how they were marketing themselves and their books. I wanted to find out what was working. What I absolutely […]

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Glad, mad, break up with a cad? Buck up and use it

My friend Tess Hardwick, author of Kindle Daily favorite Riversong, recently blogged about an unfortunate episode of maternal disorganization and how terribly she felt about the anxiety her forgetfulness caused her daughters. Like many aspiring and successful writers, Tess is juggling multiple real world responsibilities while working toward her dream: becoming a(n even more) successful […]

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