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5 Self-Publishing Mistakes I Made Last Year

Welcome my guest, indie author Tammy Salyer! The term “indie author” is a misnomer. Why? Because, as we all know, once you cover your keyboard for the day, your work is only 1/10 finished. Making the conscious effort to become a self-published indie author also means taking on the challenge of becoming your own marketer, publisher, art […]

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Self-Published Authors: How To Choose An Editor

I invited self-published author and professional editor Tammy Salyer to explain the nuances of editors and proofreaders, and what indie authors should expect from each. Here’s what she has to say: As a writer who has taken months, sometimes years, to complete a manuscript, the most important post-completion step every one of us should consider […]

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See Tammy Run? She’s Writing

I first met Molly on Twitter and was instantly a fan of her blog thanks to this fantastic post on editing, which, as a dedicated word-nerd, is a skill-slash-torment that I obsess over. Coincidentally, we both write fiction (my book has just been released, and hers will be coming out at any moment), so it seemed like perfect timing […]

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