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Trad Publishing: I Did It My Way

by Sue Coletta, @SueColetta1 The last time I was a guest on Molly’s blog, I discussed Pursuing a Trad-Published Dream. That process paid off for me. After sending out query letters to agents for my novel, Marred, I decided to go direct to publishers. This can be tricky, because if you shop your book around […]

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Writers Are Readers Who Write, Right?

I’ve caught a couple articles via Twitter links advising writers of the need to cultivate readers in our genre, or be active on venues that are heavily used by readers alone. And hey, of course I understand the reasoning behind this instruction: Readers buy books. I hadn’t intended for it to be so, but it […]

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How to Sell 100 Books a Day

I met Terri Long on Twitter early in 2011 and quickly became a fan of this generous, upbeat, talented, hard-working indie author. I’ve watched as she’s achieved a level of success that, frankly, I believe we all aspire to. Her marketing efforts have paid off so well that her debut novel, In Leah’s Wake, often sells at a rate of over 100 books […]

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Self-Pubbed AND Traditional? An Interview With Author Pam Beason

Pam Beason recently left a lovely comment on my blog. I thanked her and asked a few questions, and she was smart and lovely and generous with her responses. I visited her website  to learn more and downloaded a sample of The Only Witness, about a signing gorilla who witnesses a kidnapping. Witness caught my attention […]

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One Writer’s Garden

Today the tops of half a dozen cucumber seedlings in my garden disappeared. Snapped up by a marauding ground squirrel, no doubt. The dog would love to trap the trespassers but refuses to sit outside alone, preferring my company to the satisfaction of killing the raiders. Frank would be a serial murderer if I were able to sit […]

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So Many Writers, So Little Time

Since my Twitter obsession began I’ve followed many writers. That was my goal. To connect, to learn about other people’s creative process, discover the sites they were using, where they were selling (ebooks? print copies?) and how they were marketing themselves and their books. I wanted to find out what was working. What I absolutely […]

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Confessions of a (part-time) writer

Here it comes, are you sitting down? Big confession #1: I don’t write every day. (Gasp!) Well, not fiction anyway. Contrary to the schedule most writers maintain, I don’t work on my WIP or mss every day. I do not get up an hour early to scribble dialogue or burn the midnight oil to crank out […]

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