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Save $$ With A Manuscript Proof Checklist

Does your proofreader charge by the hour? If the answer is yes, you may be able to reduce your bill by taking steps to find and repair basic typo-type errors that slip by during the editing phase. Let’s face it, when we’ve read a (fiction or non-fiction!) manuscript a thousand times, we miss a lot. […]

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Grammarly: The New Sheriff Of Grammar Town

Welcome Nikolas Baron of Grammarly, here to share the highlights of a grammar program designed to help writers create their best work and show how to check plagiarism! Not so long ago, spellcheckers were the only grammar police in town. As you typed in your word processing program, the spellchecker was there to watch for […]

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See Tammy Run? She’s Writing

I first met Molly on Twitter and was instantly a fan of her blog thanks to this fantastic post on editing, which, as a dedicated word-nerd, is a skill-slash-torment that I obsess over. Coincidentally, we both write fiction (my book has just been released, and hers will be coming out at any moment), so it seemed like perfect timing […]

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The Best Editing Tip Ever #1 – Key Line Layout

I’m a novice self-publishing author, tackling something new almost every day. It’s a tough road, and one I share with many writers traveling a similar path. The tasks that fall to us – writing, editing, working with cover artists, researching ebook formatting and print edition options, putting up websites, blogging, tweeting, posting on Facebook – can […]

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Writers Are Readers Who Write, Right?

I’ve caught a couple articles via Twitter links advising writers of the need to cultivate readers in our genre, or be active on venues that are heavily used by readers alone. And hey, of course I understand the reasoning behind this instruction: Readers buy books. I hadn’t intended for it to be so, but it […]

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How to Sell 100 Books a Day

I met Terri Long on Twitter early in 2011 and quickly became a fan of this generous, upbeat, talented, hard-working indie author. I’ve watched as she’s achieved a level of success that, frankly, I believe we all aspire to. Her marketing efforts have paid off so well that her debut novel, In Leah’s Wake, often sells at a rate of over 100 books […]

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