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5 Ways Re-Posting Other Bloggers’ Content Rips Them Off

I’ve heard that imitation is the highest form of flattery, but that is definitely NOT true not when it comes to re-posting original content that is scraped (taken without permission) from someone else’s blog. It’s happened to me, and eventually it will happen to you. I wish I could say I take it in stride, […]

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5 Simple Steps To A Super Blogatude

I published my first blog post on a brand new, free WordPress site early in 2011, and although I moved to a self-hosted site a year later, I’ve published new content consistently since that first post. Does it get old? Oh, yeah. Blogging requires a time commitment. Did I get discouraged early on? YES! When […]

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5 Ways Blogging Sells Books

Many of you don’t believe it’s true, that blogging can sell books and further your career. And you’re right, in the sense that blog posts should not be used as a direct-sale tactic for most authors. But I’m here to argue that a well-written, consistently updated blog can help novelists make sales. How? Blogging makes […]

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Author Blog Pros And Cons

Not sold on blogging? I think you should be, but it’s your choice. As a marketing tool, blogging has proven effective for many businesses. According to online marketer HubSpot’s 2012 Marketing Benchmarks report, websites that post new blog content even once or twice a month get much more traffic than those that don’t blog at […]

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Sharing Is Critical To Your Blog’s Success

We were taught early on that the ability to share is an admirable social skill. Actually, the real message was that if we didn’t share, we got in trouble. Now that we’re adults (at least on some level), the lesson still applies. If you’re not actively promoting your blog by sharing each post, it will […]

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