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Dance in the Rain

I relocated to the Southern Cali mountains in June, 1999. That summer our community saw a lot of rain – and thank goodness it did, because I’d rented a miniscule, 500-square-foot cabin without air conditioning and trust me, my friends, it gets hot there. That change of residence was the end result of planning started a […]

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Test by fire

I live in the mountains fifty miles east of San Diego, at an elevation of about 4,000 feet. People are often surprised to learn it snows here in Southern California – not a lot, and not as heavily as twenty years ago – but we’ve had a couple of good storms over the years, and […]

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Life’s Most Awesome Moments: My List & Why I Need It

I confessed to being a List Person in my last post and promised an actual accounting of one of my favorite lists: The Most Awesome Moments of My Life. And because there are no coincidences, it just happened to work out that I needed it desperately today. After complaining to Twitter friends about my alarming […]

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