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Estate Planning Basics for the Self-Published Writer

by Kathryn Goldman Nobody wants to think about it (with the exception of Harold and Maude), but everyone is going to do it. Die, that is. As a writer, part of what you will leave behind is your collected works – a body of work that, if attended to and managed, may thrive long past […]

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Copyright Basics For Authors

I’m honored to host attorney and debut novelist Maria Granovsky, who is here to share information about copyright pertinent to all authors and bloggers: I’d like to discuss the rather unsexy subject of rights and responsibilities. As in, “your rights as a writer and responsibilities as the consumer of other people’s creative endeavors.” And before you […]

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Blog Image Sources That Won’t Get You Sued!

All original works have a copyright the minute an individual creates the work, and this ownership does not require an official registration to be recognized. Copyright applies to all mediums, including print and digital, and protects the interests of the originator by preventing others from using their work without permission. Material posted on the Internet […]

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