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How To Succeed On Twitter

When I fired up my Twitter account in March 2011, I was a total social media newbie (and still am – do we ever stop learning?) My goal (then and now) was to build a social media platform that would help me get the word out about my novel, Mark of the Loon. I learned […]

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Yeah, I’m Overwhelmed. So What?

  A post from winter 2012 that stands the test of time … I wore myself out clearing snow all weekend. Between stints with the shovel, I turned my brain to mush completing Edit #547 of my novel, Mark of the Loon (and almost cried, because surely there will be 453 more). This morning, full-time […]

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How to Move a Free WordPress Blog to a Self-Hosted Website

In my last post, I discussed my experience with free WordPress and why I moved to a self-hosted WordPress.org website. This post will outline the actual step-by-step process of moving a WordPress blog. Before the move, I suggest you decide how you want your new blog to look. Bookmark websites you like and browse WordPress themes. […]

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Ah, Decisions! FREE WordPress Blog or Self-Hosted Website?

Promo people and industry experts everywhere are advising clients – and anyone who will listen – that starting a blog can do wonders to promote a business. So whether you’re a real estate agent or an author (or both!), no doubt blogging is on your must-do list for this year. I started my original, free […]

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The School of Don

I recently flew to Colorado to join friends for a long weekend in Denver. It was the first time I’d spent more than one night away from home in three years, and I had traveler’s remorse for leaving so much undone to take this spontaneous trip. I got over it once we arrived at our little cabin […]

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Createspace vs. Lightning Source For Self-Published Print Books

Award-winning author Terri Giuliano Long originally wrote this article for me in October, 2011. The Huffington Post published her comprehensive update in 2013. Link here to read Paperback Distribution: Createspace vs. Lightning Source. Congratulations! You’ve decided to take the plunge and publish your book. Welcome to the indie revolution! In addition to the myriad design and marketing decisions you’re […]

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Writers Are Readers Who Write, Right?

I’ve caught a couple articles via Twitter links advising writers of the need to cultivate readers in our genre, or be active on venues that are heavily used by readers alone. And hey, of course I understand the reasoning behind this instruction: Readers buy books. I hadn’t intended for it to be so, but it […]

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