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How To Increase Blog Traffic And Gain Subscribers, Part 2

Although last week I whined about how hard I’ve worked to build my blog, I really wanted to demonstrate that interesting articles and regular posting – even a single post a week – can get results. So if you’re like me and you just don’t have time to churn out three quality blog posts a […]

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Blog Image Sources That Won’t Get You Sued!

All original works have a copyright the minute an individual creates the work, and this ownership does not require an official registration to be recognized. Copyright applies to all mediums, including print and digital, and protects the interests of the originator by preventing others from using their work without permission. Material posted on the Internet […]

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What’s An RSS Feed & How Do I Find It?

Most of you already know how to locate your RSS feed URL to synch your blog with your Goodreads, Amazon Author Central, and Triberr accounts. But if you don’t speak RSS, that sentence probably made you roll your eyes or reach for the aspirin bottle. Okay, let’s start at the beginning. What is a URL? Examples of […]

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How can a writer use Scoop.It!?

Jane Steen is a freelance writer who lives in the Chicago suburbs. She’s prepared a wonderful post for us about the intriguing content-sharing site, Scoop.It – Enjoy! Take a blog reader, mix in Pinterest, add a dash of paper.li and a pinch of Twitter. This is Scoop.It! — a little-known content sharing site that may […]

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How to Set Up a FREE WordPress Blog

Since my last two posts, How to Blog, Part 1: Here’s the Plan and How to Blog, Part 2: Attract More Readers With SEO, I’ve gotten requests to write about setting up a free blog. And here you go! The step-by-step below is the process to set up a free blog on WordPress. FIRST: Come up […]

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How to Blog, Part 1: Here’s the Plan

I had no idea how to blog when I started. Why did I go to the trouble? Because I read blogging was something authors should do. Just so you know, I’m a dedicated pantser. My MO is to jump off the cliff and figure it out on the way down. On the other hand, when […]

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