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Don’t Let Anybody Should On You!

Take charge of your life and your writing by Debbie A. McClure We all do it. We allow others to make decisions for us, or are heavily influenced by other people’s opinions on everything from what we should do for our life career, what we should eat, where we should live, even what we should […]

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Climb A Mountain

The mountains are calling and I must go ~ John Muir As I’ve written before, I live in the mountains fifty miles east of San Diego, at an elevation of about 4,200 feet. Deer and wild turkeys are common. The hills are lush with grass, and native oak love the rain that falls in winter […]

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Thinking Season

I originally wrote this in October, 2011 as a guest post on my friend Terri Long’s blog. It reveals things I love and countless moments I’ve allowed to slip by. I had to share it here! Autumn is quickly making its way again to the Southern California mountains. Those familiar with this place are already admiring the changing light […]

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Home is Where the Heart is Open

Hello all! My talented friend Laura Zera allows us glimpses of her rich travel life through articles, blog posts and her book, Tro-Tros and Potholes. If you missed her last guest post on my blog, HootSuite & TweetDeck Highlights, link here after you read this wonderful story about her stint on an Israeli kibbutz. Enjoy! […]

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Yeah, I’m Overwhelmed. So What?

  A post from winter 2012 that stands the test of time … I wore myself out clearing snow all weekend. Between stints with the shovel, I turned my brain to mush completing Edit #547 of my novel, Mark of the Loon (and almost cried, because surely there will be 453 more). This morning, full-time […]

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The School of Don

I recently flew to Colorado to join friends for a long weekend in Denver. It was the first time I’d spent more than one night away from home in three years, and I had traveler’s remorse for leaving so much undone to take this spontaneous trip. I got over it once we arrived at our little cabin […]

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Dance in the Rain

I relocated to the Southern Cali mountains in June, 1999. That summer our community saw a lot of rain – and thank goodness it did, because I’d rented a miniscule, 500-square-foot cabin without air conditioning and trust me, my friends, it gets hot here. That change of residence was the end result of planning started a […]

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