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Dance in the Rain

I relocated to the Southern Cali mountains in June, 1999. That summer our community saw a lot of rain – and thank goodness it did, because I’d rented a miniscule, 500-square-foot cabin without air conditioning and trust me, my friends, it gets hot there. That change of residence was the end result of planning started a […]

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One Writer’s Garden

Today the tops of half a dozen cucumber seedlings in my garden disappeared. Snapped up by a marauding ground squirrel, no doubt. The dog would love to trap the trespassers but refuses to sit outside alone, preferring my company to the satisfaction of killing the raiders. Frank would be a serial murderer if I were able to sit […]

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That voice in your head? Make sure it’s friendly

My future is bright and beautiful. Link here to read Louise Hay’s Daily Affirmation for today. My list of regular “to do’s” now includes repeating affirmations a few times every day. Wait! Don’t stop reading. I’m NOT trying to ride the coattails of the Law of Attraction folks. Although it is an excellent philosophy! Actually, this all […]

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