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How Badly Do You Want Success?

Whatever your personal goals, I’ll bet you’ve made sacrifices to achieve them. Life seldom tosses your dreams at your feet. You have to go for it. You have to be hungry. Whatever it is you really want, you have to want it bad, or chances are good you’ll quit before the prize is yours. That’s […]

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Vetting Your Editor

This article was written by Jessica Swift Eldridge and originally published on Naomi Blackburn’s wonderful website, The Author CEO. Editing is an important element of our craft and our process, and if we get it wrong and choose an inexperienced or unqualified person, our books and our careers can suffer. The ladies gave me permission […]

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Let’s Parse The 2014 Publishing Predictions

Lots of well-known publishing folks have already posted their 2014 industry predictions. Since I surfed around and read a bunch of them (while I was supposed to be writing) I thought I’d save you the time and the guilt and share what they’ve said – filtered, of course, through the lens of what I think […]

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Book Sales Dismal Lately? Could Be The Big 5!

My friend (and frequent guest here) Toby Neal recently posted on her blog about flagging indie book sales. Here’s an excerpt: “The DOJ price-fixing case with Apple and the Big 5 publishers was settled a while ago, but September was when Amazon began really discounting big name books. I get email lists of discounted books […]

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6 Self-Publishing Missteps You Should Avoid

Welcome British author and blogger Terry Tyler! She’s here to point out self-publishing missteps she’s made. Can you relate? Firstly I’d like to thank Molly for inviting me to guest on her blog. I’m writing about my self-publishing regrets, as when I first started I hadn’t got a clue what I was doing! I’d like […]

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Self-Publishing: DIY or Hire Help?

Are you discouraged by industry experts who insist that self-published authors have to hire pros to prepare a self-published book? I read a lot of material directed at indie authors. Much of the content is written as guidance for new and wannabe writers, and how best to go about the process. Whatever the self-publishing-related subject, […]

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5 Mistakes Authors Make When Approaching Book Bloggers

Welcome former book blogger Anne Chaconas! Book bloggers are right next to readers on the “Writers’ Best Friends” list. In fact, book bloggers might even rank just a teensy bit higher, because they’re a writer’s link to readers. A trusted link. Readers often hold the opinions and reviews of their favorite book bloggers in very […]

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