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My Favorite Posts About Blogging

I’ve been blogging about blogging for a while now, and, sadly, some of my favorite posts on the subject just don’t get viewed as often as they deserve. So I compiled the best of the best as a reminder – just in case you missed them, and just in case you need a refresher! 101 […]

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The Google Play Controversy & The Opportunity Of FREE

Not long after I posted an article about Google Play, the airwaves were abuzz with horror stories about GP’s pricing policies. As noted in my article (and many others), GP reserves the right to discount books without notice or permission. Note: Many authors know to increase their usual book prices on GP to avoid triggering […]

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15 Easy Ways To Increase Your Twitter Engagement

Twitter is a fabulous platform-building tool, when you do it right. And by now, everybody knows that “doing it right” means getting involved in a positive way with your tweeps. Twitter is not a good place for wallflowers, ranters, or the mean-spirited, but it’s the perfect venue for real, sincere conversation. If your one-on-one engagement […]

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How To Upload & Sell Ebooks On Google Play

I recently blogged about embarking (finally!) on a serious book promotion campaign. So far so good (more about this in the coming weeks), because I’ve surpassed my goals in some areas and answered one of the questions I posed: “Is it worthwhile to sell on platforms other than Amazon?” I’ve decided that the answer (for […]

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Buy Your Own Roses

I haven’t published an essay-type post in a long time – not since my father died, in fact. When I first started blogging, stories about my life were my go-to write-up, but they’ve become more difficult for me to do than any other kind of article on my blog. I think that’s because digging deep […]

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