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Take Your Eyes Off The Rearview Mirror

Don’t let the mistakes and disappointments of the past control and direct your future. ~ Zig Ziglar Pain is one of the common denominators of the human experience. Although it inserts itself into our lives in different ways and is felt to varying degrees, every one of us has been hurt and disappointed. We have […]

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5 Simple Steps To A Super Blogatude

I published my first blog post on a brand new, free WordPress site early in 2011, and although I moved to a self-hosted site a year later, I’ve published new content consistently since that first post. Does it get old? Oh, yeah. Blogging requires a time commitment. Did I get discouraged early on? YES! When […]

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Vetting Your Editor

This article was written by Jessica Swift Eldridge and originally published on Naomi Blackburn’s wonderful website, The Author CEO. Editing is an important element of our craft and our process, and if we get it wrong and choose an inexperienced or unqualified person, our books and our careers can suffer. The ladies gave me permission […]

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Grammarly: The New Sheriff Of Grammar Town

Welcome Nikolas Baron of Grammarly, here to share the highlights of a grammar program designed to help writers create their best work and show how to check plagiarism! Not so long ago, spellcheckers were the only grammar police in town. As you typed in your word processing program, the spellchecker was there to watch for […]

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101 Fabulous Plot Resources For Novelists

Many authors find it challenging to generate great new plotlines book after book, especially when trying to write two or three full-length novels every year. Not there yet? Chances are you will be someday. So, if you’re not one of those people whose heads burst with fantastic tales and you just can’t write them down […]

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LegalZoom: Getting Legal Help Online

A while back Joe Konrath published an article titled Death and the Self-Pubbed Writer, citing the need for self-published authors to establish a legal procedure so their literary estates can continue after death. It really made me think. It’s true; as part of our general preparedness, we all need a will and a power of […]

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5 Ways Blogging Sells Books

Many of you don’t believe it’s true, that blogging can sell books and further your career. And you’re right, in the sense that blog posts should not be used as a direct-sale tactic for most authors. But I’m here to argue that a well-written, consistently updated blog can help novelists make sales. How? Blogging makes […]

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